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The palace once in the center of a large land property that was later divided among the different branches of the family was built by the canon Giovanni Perego, well known and important humanist, great lover of art, abb of the church of S. Nazzaro in Milan. Architect Piermarini was the designer. Piermarini was the architect of  Villa Reale in Monza, of the theatre Alla Scala in Milan, of many important buildings and of a large town planning re-forming that took place in Milan in those years.

When Piermarini died, Architect Simon Cantoni was asked to build the stables. Simon Cantoni is the architect of Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan, villa Olmo in Como and villa Scotti in Oreno.

The exterior aspect of the Villa Perego di Cremnago complex carries clear signs of the baroque period during which it was built.